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Constructing Unique Data Feeds for KPI and Price Forecasting Webinar

On Thursday June 13th we will be hosting a webinar dedicated to unveiling our new Smart Data Feed with an open Q&A surrounding Machine Learning, Alt Data and Data Science for Finance.

Lucena Research
 Webinar by Lucena Research

Unique data feeds for price forecasting


Webinar Overview

The influx of new alternative data sources presents great opportunities for both researchers and asset managers. But how can a dataset be assessed and integrated most efficiently?

An emerging and rapidly evolving technical domain can cause great confusion and misinformation. Many prefer to shy away from asking hard questions and others elect not to explore the tremendous value of predictive data and machine learning altogether.

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming webinar which will mostly be dedicated to an open Q/A discussion. We will start by unveiling our new Smart Data Feed, a personalized data product that helps funds quickly find datasets that are proven to be most effective at forecasting company specific KPIs or stock prices for a defined basket of securities.


Event Details:

On Thursday June 13th, 2019 at 11:30 AM ET Lucena CEO Erez Katz will present “Constructing Unique Data Feeds for KPI and Price Forecasting” a webinar and open Q&A discussion to answer your questions about Machine Learning, Alternative Data and Data Science for Finance.

Whether you’re an Alt Data skeptic or a fan, this is your chance to put forth any questions you’ve been wanting to ask. Reserve your spot now as we will be limiting the number of attendees to ensure all questions receive ample attention.

We look forward to connecting with you then!


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