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Finding Tradable Signals in Alt Data

Our new data vendor partner Wall Street Horizon joined us in NYC to host a panel discussion on finding tradable signals in alternative data.
Lucena Research

On Thursday March 14th, 2019 Lucena co-hosted a panel discussion with data provider Wall Street Horizon

A diverse group of asset managers and data providers joined us for a cocktail reception and panel discussion concluded with a Q&A session. 

The panel discussion consisted of industry experts who discussed finding tradable signals in alternative data as well as overall trends in the data landscape. 

Moderated by Rich Carbone, VP Data Strategy, Jefferies LLC

Panelists include:

Olga Kokareva, Head of Data Sourcing and Strategy, Quantstellation,

Erez Katz, CEO and Co-Founder, Lucena Research

Barry L. Star, CEO and Founder, Wall Street Horizon

Jeff Ferro, Portfolio Manager


Content Highlights

  • The panelists shared personal experiences in the context of applying alt data to investment.
  • The state of alternative data within various consumer types in finance and the categorization of alt data.
  • Skepticism, setting expectations, pitfalls, and best practices.
  • Modeling alternative data to support both fundamental and quantitative research
  • Protecting data potency in the face of overcrowding

Whether you are on the buy or sell side, you must know that the alternative data revolution is in full swing and this video could turn useful for you. Enjoy!



Panel Q&A





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